The Ultimate Style Guide To Men's Bags

Most men have almost always found the thought of wearing a bag quite hilarious and something to be frowned upon. They think of it as an accessory that is limited to women. Some even like wearing bags, but the thought that bags have a feminine vibe to them gets them into avoiding them generally.

This should not be the case at all. It’s 2021, and generalizing should be stopped because genders have nothing to do with the kind of accessory or dressing style you want to uphold.

Man bags have now become a massive part of the fashion industry. Celebrities like Kanye West and Harry Styles are prime examples and can serve as a tremendous influence on how you must style your favorite man bags. There is so much more to these than what meets the eye. Be absolutely assured that if these man bags are carried and styled in the best way possible, the masculine vibe doesn’t go anywhere.

So basically, it all comes down to styling. You can go for any style of manbag you prefer since there’s quite a lot of variety which includes messengers, totes, hybrids, carryalls. All in all, there’s a bag available for every guy. You just have to be wise and fashion-forward enough to choose the right one for you.

Kind of Man Bags

It’s not always women wanting to keep plenty of things inside their bags. Men, too, carry a lot of things for which they require bags. Here’s a guide on how to wear a manbag, and a list of all the Man bags that you might want to wear, not only for the purpose of keeping and carrying things, but for fashion. So look carefully and choose the best one according to your outfit.


The briefcase has been one of the oldest and most acceptable forms of handbags for men. Although the briefcases of the modern-day have pretty much evolved since those days of your dad’s sharp-cornered case, men’s briefcases in modern days are no longer in that boxy shape. You can wear these by firmly holding them in one hand and pair them up with a nice suit.


The tote comes under the modern category of manbags. It is a modern proceed towards classic briefcases. Tote bags are huge enough to fit in your whole gym gear and a hard drive, but at the same time, sleek enough to look stylish. It will make you look like you’re on the run from paparazzi.


Are you traveling for a three days business trip or going on a weekend jaunt? All you need is a holdall man bag. The old school bulky, huge luggage has now transformed into a stylish and sleek weekender bag. Carry this one with your casual weekend wear or casual business attire.


The crossbody bag is probably one of the most practical everyday bags. These add a light of unexpectedness to an attire. Current modern-day designers like Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh are searching for ways to pair these up with all sorts of outfits.

Source and credits to: Owen and Fred