How To Identify Genuine Leather Quality Products?

Leather-made products automatically attract everyone owing to their flawless beauty and impeccable durability. Considering the price at which genuine leather quality products are sold in the market, many fraudulent sellers have entered the market. Now, it is the need of the hour to gain awareness on tricks to judge whether the leather we are buying is genuine or fake. Hence, it is of utmost importance to be aware of certain tips to identify the best quality leather accessories online as well as offline mode. 

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Let us now try to understand some amazing tips on how to identify genuine leather quality products without failure?

  • The Label Says It All:

Whenever any clothing or accessory is made of genuine leather, then the manufacturer is sure to add the information as a label. Emblazoning is used as a strategy to attract customers and give them the assurance of providing genuine leather quality products. Specifically, genuine leather products will carry a label that says “genuine leather” or “real leather.”


  • Intelligent use of senses:

You can surely make a great selection by utilizing your sense of touch and smell. Checking the surface of the leather accessory with conscious touching will help to identify any imperfections. Kindly note that real leather will never be flawlessly smooth as it is derived from organic material. Secondly, touching will also help to recognize any noticeable creases. Genuine leather quality products simply dip when pressed hard and don’t bounce back well.


The second interesting method of identifying genuine leather is by using your sense of smell. Always remember that fake leather has a plastic-like synthetic smell. On the contrary, real leather is known for having a soft musty scent that is derived from the animal skin.

Note: The two tests mentioned below are not recommended for online purchased goods as then the product won’t be returned by the supplier. 

Let us understand how these tests are performed to get a general understanding on the identification of genuine leather.

  • The Famous Fire Test:

Burning a small part of the leather can reveal true leather identity like a pro. Genuine leather has a very distinct smell when exposed to fire; it smells very much like burnt hair. Also, real leather will only get a slight singe on burning, whereas fake one will go up in flames.


  • Water Test to the rescue:

In the water test that is performed to check for genuine leather quality products, a small amount of water is poured on the leather item, and it is seen whether the water gets absorbed or repelled. If you find the water to simply slide off, then it indicates fake leather. However, if it gets absorbed at once, then the leather is sure to be genuine.



It is important to have an awareness of the ways to check for genuine leather quality products to make sure that you are investing your time and money in the right thing. Moreover, never fall for unreasonable discounts as that holds a very high probability of manipulated product quality.