Busy professional men need a bag, you can carry essential items in, and you won’t leave anything you need behind. The market for the man bag is going global so it’s time you took the plunge – there are many different designs, let us help you find the best bag for you. 

 Which Bag Style is for me?

When shopping for your first man bag it’s important to find one that is the right size, shape, fabric, color and durability for you. If you have to carry all of your meeting notes or your tablet in a carrier bag or even paper bag to work, it’s time to invest in a briefcase messenger bag. Men’s briefcase messenger bags are a cross between a vintage style satchel and a cross-body bag, if chosen in the right fabric it can look both trendy and professional. Men’s Briefcase Messenger bags can house everything and keep it flat, preventing creases – perfect if you have A4 documents to carry for a meeting or a laptop. Choose in leather to ensure you look stylish and fit for the office.


Which Color is the most versatile?

If you seek a casual, yet smart briefcase messenger bag which suits your work life and one which you can utilise in your free time, you need to think about color. What do you wear the most? Is your work casual dress in jeans and a shirt – if so perhaps a chocolate, chestnut or a bag which is a rich shade of brown would suit you best. If you wear grey suits all the time, brown probably won’t cut it, think about black, navy blue or olive green colours. Also your casual attire, do you require a different bag for work and for when you go out, or can you maximise one bag which suits both venues? So many questions!


Material, is there a perfect Man Bag fabric?

When you choose a men’s bag, the material is key. Get this wrong and you can go from stylish man to bag man in one instant. Evaluate how you will use your chosen bag. Is it for taking your essentials to the gym? Is it for work documents, laptops or for travel? Genuine Leather bags are probably the most stylish and the most durable. They may be more expensive but they are built to last, they are also the perfect gift. A leather messenger bag, travel bag or backpack looks chic and sleek and will add a touch of class to any ensemble.


To Use for Work

Offering Vintage style and versatility, the Briefcase Messenger bag should be the go-to bag for any man purchasing for the first time. Whether you prefer a style structured briefcase or a supple, flexible option you can choose the right design for you. With the opportunity to wear as a cross-body bag it is perfect for traveling to and from the office, and if you cycle into work it doesn’t get in the way. Switch to the carrying handle when you reach your workspace and you have a dual purpose bag which will be the envy of any man. 


For Travel or the Gym

A genuine leather duffle or tote bag is ideal for the gym and for travel, they provide plenty of space for heavier items which can be tucked into the bag with ease. Easy to carry with a strap or via dual handles it’s a great option for men on the go who like to keep fit.


Everyday Leisure and Casual Wear

The messenger bag is back again, whether you opt for a smaller style than you would for work is up to you – perhaps go for a softer leather, rather than a structured briefcase style. The casual messenger bag can hold toys, food, wallets, dog treats, tablets and mobile phones and you won’t feel out of place when wearing it among your friends. Whether you are in the bar, the park or on a day out – a men’s messenger bag caters for all your needs. 



 For the Great Outdoors

A backpack is a great choice for outdoor pursuits, gym visits and days out in general. A leather backpack dresses things up a bit and turns your workout into a stylish affair.

Once you have purchased your first man bag it does become easier and every man deserves to own a high quality bag. Not only does it store all of your day to day essentials, it ensures you don’t leave the house without things that are important like your keys or wallet! Choose the right style, color, and fabric for you then work out exactly what you want it for. Once you have that locked down you are ready to own your first man bag.